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Fibula Museum Showcases was established in Istanbul in 2009, to serve museums and private collectors in Turkey, and the local region. As the first company to produce museum showcases and storage systems to international standards, we have always felt an obligation to be innovative in our designs and open to international developments in the Museum sector.

We have closely followed new trends in materials and exhibiting techniques. At present all our showcase materials are Oddy Tested and the cases themelves have been independently audited by BSI accredited experts. By organising workshops and supporting conferences on Sustainable Conservation we have both raised awareness and gained valuable knowledge on this crucial topic. We have inspired competitors and developed the sector in Turkey while becoming better known in Central Asia and South Eastern Europe.

Fibula has won acclaim with a number of prestigious projects and applications, some of which can be seen below. As the Museum domestic sector leader we are sought for advice on Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture, Engineering and Technical production. Fibula continues to meet and surpass the expectations of museum professionals, art historians, archaeologists, collectors, exhibition designers, main contractors and all stakeholders.

15th of July Memorial Museum

This museum carries great importance for the Turkish people, as it depicts the events of 15th July 2016, when some parts of the Armed Forces attempted a coup the museum sheds light on the stories of ordinary citizens who defended the homeland, some giving their lives. Fibula designed, built and installed six freestanding showcases, exhibiting artefacts from that evening. Each showcase features anti reflective glass with electronic lift opening systems and focused LED light fittings.

Tekfur Palace Museum

Tekfur Palace Museum was formerly part of the Byzantine Blacharnae palace complex. As such, it has great importance as the sole remaining remnant of that Byzantine palace.

The restoration was completed in 2019. It now exhibits examples of pottery and porcelain that were manufactured here in its last incarnation as a pottery workshop.

All showcases, plinths and information panels were designed, manufactured and installed by fibula. In total, there are 11 showcases with inbuilt information panels. In order not to damage the artefacts inert materials were used throughout, as well as electrostatic powdered paint. Various sized information panels were made from Corian and steel sheets. The opening systems are vertically assisted electronic and the locking system is ID card activated.

In addition to the museum equipment, fibula also provided the furnishings for the ticket office, the gift shop and the cafe sections, all manufactured with Corian panels

Bodrum Underwater Archaeological Museum

The underwater Archaeological Museum located in Bodrum castle is accepted as one of the most important of its type worldwide. The large unit found in Yassiada hall was designed, manufactured and installed by fibula. It's a one piece unit in the shape of an ancient ship with 16 separate, five sided showcases mounted upon it. Each showcases has an electronic lift opening system anti reflective glass was also used. The lighting systems were bespoke designs by fibula.

Istanbul Airport CIP Lounge

Istanbul airport VIP lounge museum was a project to display works of art from various contemporary artists in Turkey. Within the CIP section of the new Istanbul airport, there are two tabletop display cases and four wall mounted display cases. Logistically It was a difficult project as we had to work under the ongoing construction of the main airport. The project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of all involved.

Besiktas Naval Museum

Besiktas Navy Museum Istanbul Turkey is one of the oldest museums in the country. It houses and displays many objects from the Naval History of the Ottoman Navy until the present day, there are many objects from cannons to model ships and documentation chronicling the history of the Navy in Turkey. Fibula designed and installed 300 metres of wall mounted showcases, as well as fifteen freestanding showcases. We also designed and built a special showcase to display the 400 year old standard of the famous Red Beard or Barbarosa, one of the first admirals of the Ottoman Navy. This case required the use of passive conservation techniques that we developed in house.

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